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Q: How can I contact The Overnightscape?

Send email to frank@theovernightscape.com

Q: Where can I hear The Overnightscape?

The Overnightscape is available exclusively here at TheOvernightscape.com.

Q: How often is the show done, and how long is it?

For the first 100 episodes, The Overnightscape came out once a week. These episodes ranged from 45 minutes to 2 hours in length. On January 31, 2005, with episode 101, the new daily format started - 30-minute episodes, released daily, 7 days a week. On April 18, 2005, the show shifted to a 5 day schedule, with 30-minute shows Monday through Friday.

Q: What if I have trouble listening?

By clicking "LISTEN NOW" for any episode, the program set as the MP3 player on your computer will play the show straight off the Internet without having to download it. Being that the MP3s are 48kbps, a dialup connection may not be fast enough to play the shows smoothly. Also, if you are using an older computer and/or using old software, the shows may not begin playing automatically. Installing the latest iTunes or Winamp (or other program) will probably make things work.

Of course, if you download the MP3 files, you can then play it in any MP3 program or transfer them to a portable MP3 player (like an iPod) to listen on the run. On PC Internet Explorer, right click on the filename and "save target as.." to download the files. Other browsers and systems may have different variations on this (such as control-click and "save this link as...").

You can also burn an episode on a standard audio which will work in just about any CD player. Or, burn an MP3-CD (which can fit a bunch of episodes) to hear on MP3-capable CD players. (Note: Because the show is now 120 minutes long, it won't fit on a single 80-minute audio CD, so you'd have to split it up.)

Feel free to contact me if you continue to have problems.

Q: What happened to Bluffcosm.com?

Bluffcosm.com was a very ambitious project that I started in 2000. My goal was to create a multifaceted Internet radio station with tons of different interconnected shows. And while I did produce a bunch of great shows for Bluffcosm.com, it never really took off as I envisioned it.

The Overnightscape started out in March 2003 as a part of Bluffcosm.com, but soon it pretty much took over as my main project. In May 2004, I decided to simplify things by dropping the whole Bluffcosm thing and focusing on The Overnightscape.

But who knows, from time to time you might hear some of the zany audio shows and features I created for Bluffcosm.com on the mellow midnight meanderings of The Overnightscape!

Daily Podcast From Another Place

Q: What happened to the "live stream"?

Before moving to this new site, I had limited room and was only able to have about ten epsiodes of The Overnightscape available for download or streaming at any given time. So, I set up a Shoutcast server which would stream all the episodes over and over, so that people would be able to hear them. Now, on this new site, there's more than enough room to have every epsiode of The Overnightscape available, so I got rid of the Shoutcast server.

I did also broadcast The Overnightscape live on the stream as I was recording it, but because of my erratic schedule, very few people caught the show live. The vast majority of listeners heard The Overnightscape in its recorded MP3 form, which I upload right after I'm done recording - so that's the way I'm doing it now.

Q: What happened to Obliviana, Severe Repair, Zope, etc.?

From 1994 to 2003, I had a website called Obliviana.com, which had various creative projects of mine on it. Among these projects was a science fiction novel called "Severe Repair", a comic strip called "Zope", and a weird game called "Dashic Deeds". Though Obliviana.com is no longer online, you can explore various archives of it on Archive.org.

I do plan on continuing to work on some of the projects that were on Obliviana.com. You'll hear about any progress I make on The Overnightscape.

UPDATE 11/1/04: Severe Repair is back!

Q: What happened to News section of the site?

"News" was replaced with "Shop" on 10/9/04. The News page was unnecessary, since I have the show itself to talk about news! Here is the content of the News page that was deleted:

Saturday, May 22, 2004 - The Overnightscape Forum is up and running!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - Welcome to the new site, "TheOvernightscape.com"!

More frequently asked questions coming soon!

© 2005 Frank Edward Nora - frank@theovernightscape.com